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Stanley J Roux Jr

Professor, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus
Molecular Biosciences


Phone: 512-471-1074

Office Location

Postal Address
205 W 24TH ST
AUSTIN, TX 78712

Research Summary:

We are studying how the stimuli of light and gravity alter patterns of plant development. In our studies of light-induced responses we have found that certain apyrases (NTPDases), whose expression is strongly regulated by the photoreceptor phytochrome, can modulate the levels of extracellular ATP [eATP], and that, surprisingly, changes in [eATP] can influence hormone transport, the growth of plant cells and organs (including pollen tubes, root hairs, hypocotyls, roots and leaves), wound responses, and toxin resistance in Arabidopsis and other plants. This indicates that eATP, which is a physiological regulator in animals, also influences plant growth and development. For our gravitational studies we are using two model systems, Arabidopsis and spores of the fern Ceratopteris richardii. In these plants, we study how gravity-induced gradients of eATP help mediate gravity-induced growth patterns, such as root and shoot gravitropism in Arabidopsis and polarized growth in Ceratopteri spores. In both plants, the activity of apyrases plays a major role in regulating the [eATP] and cellular growth. Specific apyrases function both in the nucleus, where they impact nucleotide concentrations and gene expression, and in the wall, where they hydrolyze ATP, and thus help control the [eATP]. We are using genetic and biochemical approaches to document the signaling steps whereby apyrases and eATP regulate cell growth. Because this regulation includes promoting an expanded root system architecture and increased seed yield in crop plants, our current focus is elucidating the molecular mechanisms by which apyrases control these events. 


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