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Liu, Kai

Kai Liu

Infectious diseases modeling and forecast

I finished my Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology at Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU), China in 2011. And then, I securd the opportunity to commence a master degree in advance. So I started my master's study in my senior year. From 2010 to 2013, I pursued my Master Degree in Microbiology under the supervision of Dr. Jing He in the State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology at Huazhong Agricultural University. My master thesis is "Preliminary Functional Study on Two Genes orf1 and orf3 of the Azinomycin B Biosynthetic Gene Cluster". After then, I was admitted as a Ph.D. student in Biochemistry Program by the Unviersity of Texas at Austin in fall of 2013. After three rotations during the fisrt year in UT, I joined Dr. Lauren Meyers Group, and then transferred to Cellular and Molecular Program (Bioinformatics Track). Now I am on the way to learn something which are complete different from my previous experience, but attract me a lot. I believe my work will benefit others!

Currently, I am working on infectious disease modeling and prediction. I have a lot of interests here, including meningitis epidemic in Africa, flu forecast, and ebola etc. 

[2] Liu, K., Bennett, G., Koga, R., Moran, N. Complete Genome Sequence of a Treehopper Symbiont Candidatus Sulcia muelleri ECAR. In preparation.

[1] Wang, S., Zhao, R., Liu, K., Zhu, M., Li, A., He, J.(2012) Essential role of an unknown gene aziU3 in the production of antitumor antibiotic azinomycin B verified by optimized genetic manipulation systems for Streptomyces sahachiroi. FEMS Microbial. Lett.. 337: 147-154.


BIO 226L Microbiology Lab

2014 Summer:

BIO 365L Neurobiology Lab