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Austin Texas Mural

Talented people from around the world are attracted to Austin by the abundant cultural resources, lively entertainment sector, and opportunities for an active lifestyle.

Creative Cultural Hub

Widely recognized as a major cultural center, Austin is perhaps best known as a thriving hub for live music and entertainment. Annual festivals such as Austin City Limits and South by Southwest draw participants from around the world, while local venues regularly host an impressive line-up of nationally recognized and emerging artists. Beyond this rich music scene, Austin is also home to world-class professional symphonyballet, and opera companies. The city's flourishing creative scene is further showcased through museums and art galleries.

Technology & Innovation

Austin has a vibrant technology sector that attracts both established technology leaders and cutting-edge start-ups. Industry giants like Google, Apple, IBM, Intel, Samsung, and National Instruments base major operations in the region and frequently hire talented university graduates. The city is also home to a strong biotechnology and life sciences sector. Situated in the heart of the city, the university is a home for innovative research – providing a fertile environment for collaboration and creativity. What starts here changes the world.

Town Lake Austin TexasA Beautiful Place to Live

Austin is located at the intersection of unique natural landscapes. Situated along the banks of the eastern Colorado River and at the edge of the Edwards Plateau, the city enjoys a warm and relatively dry climate. To the west, Austin is flanked by the Texas Hill Country – an area noted for rugged limestone cliffs, caverns, and abundant swimming holes. To the east, Austin is bordered by rolling prairies enlivened with seasonal wildflower blooms each spring. A series of easily accessible lakes along the Colorado River offer excellent year-round opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Extensive park and trail systems, known locally as "greenbelts", wind through downtown and the surrounding metropolitan areas. Residents enjoy easy access to these recreational areas throughout the city - including some trails that run through the UT Austin campus.