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Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC)

Bryan Davies, Ph.D.

The GSC Chair oversees the Microbiology Graduate Studies Committee, which is a committee of all Microbiology faculty members that sets policy concerning academics and degree requirements for the program. The GSC Chair also oversees graduate admissions for the program.

Graduate Advisor 

Despoina Mavridou, Ph.D.

The Graduate Advisor is a faculty member appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School to advise Microbiology doctoral students (generally in the sense of clarifying policy or granting exceptions to policy), to monitor their academic progress, and to represent the Graduate School in matters relating to graduate students.

Graduate PRogram Administrative Staff

Contact our Admin team at ilsgrad@austin.utexas.edu

Tiffo Carmichael
Graduate Program Manager

Elizabeth Davis
Graduate Coordinator

Susie Meadows
Administrative Assisociate

The Graduate Program Staff handle most of the day-to-day operations of the program. Their responsibilities include responding to inquiries, facilitating degree processes, handling petitions and special requests, monitoring degree progress, student academic employment and fellowships, processing registration, and maintaining graduate student files. In addition, they are available to assist students with other ad-hoc issues or concerns. Most questions concerning the program can be addressed to the Graduate Program Staff, who will consult with the Graduate Program Advisor and GSC Chair as necessary. The Graduate Program Staff also implement the recruitment and admission process for applicants to the CMB program. They are responsible for event planning, orientation activities, and supporting the administrative needs of new students throughout the first year.

Note to current students: Please include your full name and EID in the correspondence with the professional staff for swifter service.  

Mailing Address

Microbiology Graduate Program
100 E. 24th Street – STOP – A5000
NHB 2.606
Austin, Texas  78712